"Being fairly new to Edmonton, I had no idea where to start looking for a photographer. I know one person who had used Claudine and the couple of photos I saw I loved so I took my chances and am so happy I did! She is such a sweetheart and was so amazing with our little Layla! I was super nervous that we wouldn't be able to keep her asleep long enough to get photos because she hates her clothes off and being cold. But we followed Claudine's instructions and she had the room warmed up perfectly so that she slept through the whole session. Highly recommend her!" - Chantille Pope, Maternity and Newborn Client



"Choosing a newborn photographer for your precious bundle of joy is a huge deal for every mother-to-be. It something as important at your wedding photography… Actually even more important since you can always have another wedding, but your baby will never be a newborn again 😉

All joking aside, did not want to screw up son’s first photoshoot so went with an award winning newborn photographer Claudine Lavoie. Very glad I did! Not only she created gorgeous images, the overall experience was really good. Let me tell you why. 

THE SHOOT: Claudine has the patience of a saint. Even though I did not let Victor sleep for a long time before the shoot, it took forever for him to pass out (there’s absolutely no telling what to do, as stubborn as his dad ugh). Not only Claudine was very understanding and helped me rock the baby to sleep, she also tried to comfort me in any way she could making sure I don’t stress put about taking so much of her time. After Victor fell asleep, the photoshoot itself took no longer than an hour.

LOCATION: Being an anxious first time mom, I was a bit nervous taking my newborn out to a studio when he was only five days old. It was the middle of January, my son was underweight, and I was scared to death that he’s going to freeze and get sick. Claudine welcomed us in her beautiful home studio, already warmed up to the temperature that’s ideal for a baby. It was sparkling clean and very spacious, with gorgeous props and adorable baby photos by Claudine Lavoie Photography on the walls. Claudine had everything we might need during the shoot, from baby diapers to mommy hair products in case I forgot something which was very thoughtful of her.

RESULT: I got the proofs two weeks after the shoot, and the final edited images within 2 weeks of making my final selections. The photos came out AMAZING, cannot love them more.  

Thank you so much Claudine for capturing our most precious son when he was a newborn baby. Looking at him now it is very hard to believe how tiny he was. One day when he is a 6'4" hockey player, I will tell him how super cute he was and show him those photos to prove my point 👶🏻❤❤❤" - Victoria Shevchenko, Newborn Client and Commercial Model Client


"Honestly it was one of the most fun shoots I’ve ever had!  Claudine is a blast and so talented.  I LOVED the photos from the gallery, we had so much material to work with.  Claudine is a genius." - Arisa Cox, Host of Big Brother Canada, on photo shoot for Edmonton Woman Magazine cover and feature, HELLO! Magazine 50 Most Beautiful issue.


"Claudine is absolutely amazing with little ones.  I am so grateful for these priceless memories.  She has the calming touch, and great prep directions (especially for a first time mama).  We're so lucky to have found her, and have referred friends and family to her.  Her studio is perfect for calm and peaceful baby posing, I really can't believe how calm Fallon was, Claudine was able to do so many poses in under one hour! " - Kasandra Sharp, Newborn Client


"Not only does Claudine take world class newborn photos but she is also excellent with babies. She handled our new baby with such tender love and care. You can really tell she has a passion for her work. Our Newborn photos are spectacular and the photoshoot was a great experience! I highly recommend her for your photos!!" - Nessa Sanson, Fitness and Newborn Client


"We were absolutely astounded and in awe of Claudine's connection and gentle demeanor with our kids. How she handled the newborn and was able to position her with such care and calm was completely fascinating!  We are so very grateful to Claudine for capturing such early and precious moments with our children.  We would love the opportunity to work with Claudine again in the future!" - Joel & Danielle, Newborn Client


"This lady... so happy I met her. Claudine took such care of my little one. So gentle and patient and took her time to make sure baby was comfortable and happy in the poses. Loved her vision for the shoot! Thank you, Claudine, you have a new forever client!" - Nekeisha Brown, Newborn Client